Best of Frederick 2016 Winners

Photography by Turner Photography Studio | Posted on 02.14.16 – Biz Ink, Dining, Feature, Food & Drink, Frederick Scene, Lifestyles, Music, People & Places, Tastings, Travel

Sometimes it feels like “Best of Frederick” keeps getting bigger every year. Well, in fact, it is growing.

This year’s edition of the best things about Frederick County—the 24th year of the list—includes more than 100 categories, including a few new entries, such as best yoga studio, best hotdog and best fried chicken. But don’t worry, the traditional favorites are still there—the best food, the best drink, the best entertainment, the best outdoors activities and the best services.

Of course, “Best of Frederick” is only possible because of the votes cast by the readers of Frederick Magazine during a two-month online poll period last fall. As with any election, there was vigorous (and sometimes creative) campaigning taking place, as businesses and others seeking votes promoted themselves. Some handed out voting information to customers and others posted links to our poll site on social media pages. The predictable result was a flood of votes.

Finally, “Best of Frederick” changes every year mostly because of comments from our readers. If you would like to see new categories added next year—or have some removed—please let us know.

Now, on to the winners!

Best Overall Restaurant: The Tasting Room

2nd Place: VOLT

3rd Place: Madrones


Special Occasion/Romantic: The Tasting Room

2nd Place: VOLT

3rd Place: Dutch’s Daughter


Steak: The Tasting Room

2nd Place: The Red Horse

3rd Place: Madrones


Happy Hour: The Tasting Room

2nd Place: The Wine Kitchen

3rd Place: Isabella’s Taverna & Tapas Bar


Cocktail and bar: The Tasting Room

2nd Place: Cafe Nola

3rd Place: The Wine Kitchen


New Restaurant: Reina

2nd Place: Manalù Italian Restaurant

3rd Place: Old Dominion Grill and Sushi


Service: VOLT

2nd Place: The Tasting Room

3rd Place: Dutch’s Daughter


Kid-Friendly: Roy Rogers

2nd Place: Family Meal

3rd Place: Brewer’s Alley


Italian: il Porto

2nd Place: Nido’s Little Italy Ristorante

3rd Place: Pistarro’s


Pizza: Il Forno Pizzeria

2nd Place: Pistarro’s

3rd Place: Coal Fire Pizza


Asian: China Garden

2nd Place: Sumittra

3rd Place: Lucky Corner


Sushi: Lazy Fish

2nd Place: China Garden

3rd Place: Old Dominion Grill and Sushi


Latin-American: Cacique and La Paz Mexican Restaurant (tie)

3rd Place: Café Bueno


Burrito: Chipotle Mexican Grill

2nd Place: Café Bueno

3rd Place: La Paz Mexican Restaurant


Seafood: May’s Restaurant

2nd Place: Dutch’s Daughter

3rd Place: Bonefish Grill


Crab Cake: Dutch’s Daughter

2nd Place: May’s Restaurant

3rd Place: Avery’s Maryland Grille


Best Breakfast: Cafe Nola

2nd Place: Family Meal

3rd Place: Glory Doughnuts


Sunday Brunch: Dutch’s Daughter

2nd Place: Isabella’s Taverna & Tapas Bar

3rd Place: Madrones


Bagel: Beans & Bagels

2nd Place: Panera Bread

3rd Place: Zi Pani


Coffeehouse: Dublin Roasters

2nd Place: Frederick Coffee Co.

3rd Place: Cafe Nola


Specialty: Ayse Meze Lounge

2nd Place: The Orchard

3rd Place: (Tie) Isabella’s Taverna & Tapas Bar & Le Parc Bistro


Lunch: Madrones

2nd Place: The Orchard

3rd Place: Family Meal


Dessert: Madrones

2nd Place: Family Meal

3rd Place: The Wine Kitchen


Best Bakery: Cakes to Die For

2nd Place: Stone Hearth Bakery

3rd Place: Angelcakes


Ice Cream/Frozen Treat: Rita’s

2nd Place: Bruster’s

3rd Place: sweetFrog


Chocolate: The Perfect Truffle

2nd Place: Zoe’s Chocolate Co.

3rd Place: Candy Kitchen


Deli/Carryout: Crabapple’s New York Delicatessen

2nd Place: a.k.a Friscos

3rd Place: Juliet’s Italian Market and Café


Sandwich: a.k.a. Friscos

2nd Place: Crabapple’s New York Delicatessen

3rd Place: South Market Street Sandwich Company


Best Hamburger: Wags

2nd Place: Madrones

3rd Place: Five Guys Burgers and Fries


Hotdog: Five Guys Burgers and Fries

2nd Place: Sonic

3rd Place: Rex’s Downtown Grill


Fried Chicken: Family Meal

2nd Place: Roy Rogers

3rd Place: Giant Eagle


Chicken Wings: Buffalo Wild Wings

2nd Place: Black Hog BBQ & Bar

3rd Place: Glory Days Grill


Chili: Hard Times Cafeé

2nd Place: Juliet’s Italian Market and Café

3rd Place: Wag’s


Best Overall Barbecue: Black Hog

2nd Place: Famous Dave’s

3rd Place: CarterQue BBQ & Grilling Co.


Barbecue Ribs: Black Hog BBQ & Bar

2nd Place: Famous Dave’s

3rd Place: CarterQue BBQ & Grilling Co.


Overall Bar: Bushwaller’s

2nd Place: Firestone’s Culinary Tavern

3rd Place: Brewer’s Alley


Singles Bar: Firestone’s Culinary Tavern

2nd Place: Brewer’s Alley

3rd Place: The Tasting Room


Sports Bar: Champion Billiards Sports Cafe

2nd Place: Buffalo Wild Wings

3rd Place: Brewer’s Alley


Dance Club/Bar: Champion Billiards Sports Cafe

2nd Place: Olives

3rd Place: Cafe Nola


Billiards: Champion Billiards Sports Cafe

2nd Place: Hard Times Cafe and Cue

3rd Place: Belles’ Sports Bar & Grill


Local Beer: Flying Dog Brewery

2nd Place: Brewer’s Alley

3rd Place: Barley and Hops


Liquor Store: Ye Old Spirit Shop

2nd Place: Riverside Liquors

3rd Place: Old Farm Liquors


Reception Venue: Ceresville Mansion

2nd Place: Morningside Inn

3rd Place: Dutch’s Daughter


Local Wine: Black Ankle Vineyards

2nd Place: Big Cork Vineyards

3rd Place: Linganore Winecellars


Caterer: Canape’s

2nd Place: The Savory Spoon

3rd Place: Renaissance Chef


Best Worth the Drive: Bavarian Inn

2nd Place: Antrim 1844

3rd Place: Old South Mountain Inn


Charitable/Social Event: An Evening on the Riviera

2nd Place: Kidstock

3rd Place: Catoctin Affair


Festival/Event: In The Street

2nd Place: The Great Frederick Fair

3rd Place: Festival of the Arts


Entertainment Value: Weinberg Center for the Arts

2nd Place: Maryland Ensemble Theatre

3rd Place: Holiday Cinemas


Theater Troupe/Group: Maryland Ensemble Theatre

2nd Place: Way Off Broadway

3rd Place: Comedy Pigs


Museum: National Museum of Civil War Medicine

2nd Place: Rose Hill Manor Park and Children’s Museum

3rd Place: Roads and Rails Museum


Blog: Housewives of Frederick County

2nd Place: A Year on Market

3rd Place: (a)Musing Foodie


Radio Station: WFMD-AM

2nd Place: WFRE-FM

3rd Place: WAFY-FM


Radio Personality: Bob Miller (WFMD-AM)

2nd Place: Tom Whalen (WFRE-FM)

3rd Place: Dave Conrad (WFRE-FM)


Best Cover Band: The Reagan Years

2nd Place: Vinyl Rhino

3rd Place: Guys in Thin Ties


Best Original Music Band: Hard Swimming Fish

2nd Place: Heavy Lights

3rd Place: Old Indian


High School Marching Band: Linganore High School

2nd Place: Frederick High School

3rd Place: Gov. Thomas Johnson High School


High School Sports Teams: Linganore High School

2nd Place: Frederick High School

3rd Place: Middletown High School


Park: Baker Park

2nd Place: Gambrill State Park

3rd Place: Carroll Creek Linear Park


Swimming Pool: Edward P. Thomas Jr. Memorial Swimming Pool (Baker Park)

2nd Place: Braddock Heights Swimming Pool

3rd Place: YMCA of Frederick County


Hiking Trail: Cunningham Falls State Park

2nd Place: Gambrill State Park

3rd Place: Sugarloaf Mountain


Golf Course: Clustered Spires Golf Club

2nd Place: Musket Ridge Golf Club

3rd Place: Holly Hills Country Club


Fitness Center: IN-Fit Studio

2nd Place: Frederick Indoor Sports Center

3rd Place: Achieve Fitness


Personal Trainer: Kip Jawish (IN-Fit Studio)

2nd Place: Rick Davis (Achieve Fitness)

3rd Place: Josh Pleasant (Frederick Indoor Sports Center)


Yoga Studio: IN-Fit Studio

2nd Place: Sol Yoga

3rd Place: Ananda Shala


Auto Repair: Carriage House Automotive

2nd Place: Fountaindale Auto Center

3rd Place: Spectra Auto Services

Car Wash: Fredericktowne Auto Spa

2nd Place: Rosemont Car Wash

3rd Place: Frederick Shell


Hair Salon: Thomas Scott Salon & Spa

2nd Place: New York, New York Salon and Day Spa

3rd Place: Sam Wong Salon


Day Spa: New York, New York Salon and Day Spa

2nd Place: Thomas Scott Salon & Spa

3rd Place: NUVO Salon & Spa


Nail Care Salon: New York, New York Salon and Day Spa

2nd Place: Thomas Scott Salon & Spa

3rd Place: Rose Nails


Barber Shop: Wastlers’ Barber Shop

2nd Place: All About Men

3rd Place: Citizen Frederick


Dry Cleaners: ZIPS Dry Cleaners

2nd Place: Prospect Cleaners

3rd Place: Town Cleaners


Carpentry/Home Improvement: Talon Construction

2nd Place: Anthony Owens Remodeling and Repair

3rd Place: Dorman Home Remodeling


Men’s Fashion: Men’s Wearhouse

2nd Place: Citizen Frederick

3rd Place: Jos. A. Bank


Women’s Fashion: Velvet Lounge

2nd Place: Aspire

3rd Place: Chico’s


Women’s Shoes: DSW

2nd Place: Off Broadway Shoes

3rd Place: Macy’s


Best Fine Jewelers: Colonial Jewelers

2nd Place: Gold Thumb Jewelry Creations

3rd Place: Estate at Landis Jewelers


Antiques: Emporium Antiques

2nd Place: Echo Consignments

3rd Place: Great Stuff by Paul


Best Gift/Specialty Shop: Retro-Metro

2nd Place: The Muse

3rd Place: Ec’clectibles


Bookstore: Curious Iguana

2nd Place: Barnes & Noble

3rd Place: Wonder Book and Video


Home Furnishings: Wolf’s Furniture

2nd Place: HomeGoods

3rd Place: Gladhill Furniture


Comic Book Store: Brainstorm Comics & Gaming

2nd Place: Wonder Book & Video

3rd Place: Beyond Comics


Best “I Wish Frederick Had…”: Chili’s

2nd Place: Trader Joe’s

3rd Place: Cheesecake Factory


Best “I Wish Frederick Would Bring Back”: White Star

2nd Place: Freez King

3rd Place: A roller rink


Grocery Store: Wegmans

2nd Place: Giant Eagle

3rd Place: Common Market


Farmer’s Market: West Frederick Farmer’s Market

2nd Place: Shab Row

3rd Place: YMCA of Frederick County


Garden Center: The Dutch Plant Farm

2nd Place: Stadler Garden Center

3rd Place: Thanksgiving Farms


Florist: Abloom

2nd Place: En Masse

3rd Place: Flower Fashions


Landscaping: Clearwater Landscape & Nursery

2nd Place: Haga Lawn

3rd Place: Poole’s Stone & Garden


Heating/Air Conditioning: N.E. “Bob” Waltz Plumbing & Heating

2nd Place: Frederick Air

3rd Place: TriState Home Services


Electrician: Provident Electric

2nd Place: Brandenburg Electric

3rd Place: TriState Home Services


Plumbing: TriState Home Services

2nd Place: N.E. “Bob” Waltz Plumbing & Heating

3rd Place: Warner Service


Best Art Gallery: The Delaplaine

2nd Place: TAG/The Artists Gallery

3rd Place: Griffin Art Center


Tattoo Parlor: Marks of the Spark Tattoos

2nd Place: Classic Electric Tattoo

3rd Place: Black Label Tattoo


Computer Tech/Repair: Computer Enhancement Systems

2nd Place: Mac Business Solutions

3rd Place: Clark Computer Service


Hotel: Marriott

2nd Place: Hampton Inn

3rd Place: Hilton Garden Inn


Car Dealer: Shockley Honda

2nd Place: Frederick Motor Company

3rd Place: Fitzgerald Auto Mall


Doctor: Dr. Joseph Ashwal

2nd Place: Dr. Stephen Williams

3rd Place: Dr. Amir Rashidian


Dentist: Dr. Mark Pitts

2nd Place: Pediatric Dental Center of Frederick

3rd Place: Premiere Dental Arts


Lawyer: Beth Beam

2nd Place: David Weaver

3rd Place: Scott Morrison


Financial Planner: Murray Financial Group

2nd Place: Key Financial Group

3rd Place: McCaskill Financial


Bank: Frederick County Bank

2nd Place: My Bank! First United Bank & Trust

3rd Place: PNC


Veterinary Hospital: Buckeystown

2nd Place: Glade Valley Animal Hosptial

3rd Place: CARE Veterinary Center


Pet Store: PetSmart

2nd Place: Petco

3rd Place: Paws in the City


Pet-Friendly Venue: Baker Park

2nd Place: Downtown Frederick

3rd Place: La Paz


Neighborhood: Downtown Frederick

2nd Place: Walkersville

3rd Place: Lake Linganore