Fashion Goes to the Dogs

Posted on 08.26.14 – Insider, Lifestyles, Style

Every dog has his day, the common expression goes, but during the summer, dog days stretch from July to early September when the weather is at its hottest and muggiest.

Our ancestors, responsible for naming the constellations, noticed that Sirius, the “dog star” rose and set in conjunction with the sun during this time of the year, concluding that Sirius was adding to the sun’s heat.

That’s one definition of dog days; here’s another. Dog days are when canines rule, whether it’s allowing them to lounge on the good sofa, getting them a pedicure, or actually handing them that leftover steak from the doggie bag. In this case, dog days are all year long.

According to a recent article in Time magazine, Americans spent a record $55.7 billion last year on their pets, more than the GDP of Luxembourg. It’s estimated that if the pet industry were tracked as a single entity, it would be the seventh largest retail segment in the country, the article states. Bow-WOW. That’s a lot of kibble. Part of the spending can also be tied to doggy fashion, whether it’s a sweater or a glammed-up collar. Some dogs are natural hams and will gladly sport reindeer antlers at Christmas or a baseball hat, but if your pooch tends to slink away in embarrassment when his coat is clipped too short, just stick to buying him a nice chew toy.