Flood Pressure

By Kaitlyn Shorter | Posted on 04.22.16 – History, Look Back

The photo above shows point of rocks following a flood that ravaged the region in late May and early June 1889. This was the largest flood recorded in Maryland at that time—a record that would hold until 1936.

The area received 8 to 10 inches of rain, washing out six bridges over the Monocacy River alone, and enough to make local residents worry about their carriages, horses and other farm animals washing away. (The same storm caused the historic dam failure in Johnstown, Pa.) The Daily News reported that a man lost 48 chickens to the flood, Harpers Ferry was completely underwater and a landslide scarred the landscape near Point of Rocks. Due to all of the damage and destruction, in the days after the flood people from all around the state as well as from neighboring states sent in train cars filled with food and supplies to help ease the burden.