Gone Fishing … but where?

Posted on 05.11.13 – People & Places, Q&A

Fishing Works

Q: Whether it was former President Jimmy Carter angling in the streams around Thurmont or your average Joe looking for an excuse to avoid cleaning out the garage, fishing is popular in Frederick County. Where are some potential places for dropping a line?

A: Since all the fishermen we know are a little reluctant to spill where their secret fishing spot is, we went to the trusty internet, specifically www.fishingworks.com, for a listing of fishing lakes in Frederick County. According to the site there are 18 lakes here, including the following: Bond Farm Pond in the Myersville area, Fishing Creek Reservoir in the Catoctin Furnace area and Lake Jennifer near Libertytown. The Walkersville area has lakes Merle, Anna Louise and Marian. The website also gives recipes for whatever you catch, not counting old boots and lake grasses.