Lunching Pad

Posted on 08.07.13 – Lifestyles, Style

Submarine and Star Wars lunchboxes $10.95; Wonder Woman lunchbox, $11.95
Pink backpack and planet backpack, $23.95; truck backpack, $22.95

With all due respect to the school cafeteria, sometimes a kid just wants to ditch the tater tots and pizza for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from home.

But a plain brown bag that brings with it the distinct possibility of a squashed lunch is not the transporter of choice, not when a kid can carry a favorite super hero or heroine splashed across a lunchbox.

Lunchbox construction has gone from the traditional square to ones with interesting shapes (submarine anyone?), and although plastic seems to reign these days you can still buy the metal ones. Some come equipped with a Thermos that’s far superior to those from back in the day with their fragile glass lining. Remember the sickening sound of shattered glass as you gingerly shook the thermos after bashing your brother with your lunchbox because he blabbed the contents of your diary?

Another must-have for kids going back to the classroom is a backpack. Like lunchboxes, backpacks come in an array of colors and designs and are a lot more fun to shop for than back-to-school socks and underwear.