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Q & A: Leslie Schultz

What prompted you to start this organization and what is the mission? I have had an affinity for older …

03.24.14 – Insider, Lifestyles, People & Places, Q&A

Q&A: Richard Hahn

Tell us how you became involved in this career. I have always had animals in my life. Slugs and …

07.13.13 – People & Places, Q&A

What’s the point of a covered bridge?

Bridge building technology favored stone or masonry bridges for heavy loads up until the late 1700s, when the combination …

07.11.13 – I've Been Meaning to Ask, Insider, Lifestyles, Q&A

Q&A: John Fieseler

First, how many tourists a year come to Frederick County and when do they usually descend? Should we be …

06.17.13 – People & Places, Q&A

Does it need more cowbell?

Q: How are musicians selected for the Summer Concert Series in Baker Park and when did the first concerts take place? …

06.07.13 – I've Been Meaning to Ask, Insider, People & Places, Q&A

Tom Caulfield, Owner of Chubby’s Barbecue, 16430 Old Frederick Road, Emmitsburg

Although the hardcore backyard griller isn’t going to let a little snow and freezing temperatures stand in the way …

05.22.13 – People & Places, Q&A

Where will State Highway Administration be doing major projects this summer?

Replacement of the I-70 bridges over South Street and widening a portion of I-70. Resurface a one mile section of …

05.13.13 – People & Places, Q&A

What Are Spring Cleaning’s Top Tasks to Tackle?

Vacuum the curtains, blinds and mattresses. Shine the windows. Deep clean kitchen cabinets. Dust the walls. Wash baseboards and doors.

05.12.13 – People & Places, Q&A

Gone Fishing … but where?

Q: Whether it was former President Jimmy Carter angling in the streams around Thurmont or your average Joe looking …

05.11.13 – People & Places, Q&A