Pictures of History and Health

For the past several years, physician-turned-photographer Dr. John Vitarello has been trudging through the Frederick County countryside, wading into …

11.01.20 – Feature, History, Lifestyles, Travel

Flower Power

Black-eyed Susans can be found from finely manicured flower beds to roadside ditches in Maryland and throughout much of …

07.13.20 – Lifestyles, Travel

Best of Frederick 2020 Winners

It isn’t the intent of “Best of Frederick” to memorialize businesses that no longer exist. In fact, we would …

02.10.20 – Destinations, Dining, Feature, Food & Drink, Frederick Scene, History, Lifestyles, Music, People & Places, Style, Travel

Fabulous Falls

Despite TLC’s warning, many outdoorsy folks do find themselves chasing waterfalls on hikes, bike rides and other nature exploration. …

07.10.19 – Destinations, Travel

Best of Frederick 2019 Winners

Honoring the best of Frederick County (and, in some cases, beyond) is a 27-year tradition here at Frederick Magazine. …

02.08.19 – Feature, Food & Drink, History, Lifestyles, People & Places, Travel

Bridging Interests

Interstate 81 can be a white-knuckle road to navigate. Tractor-trailers, some pulling double loads, barrel around you with what …

12.21.18 – Destinations, Travel


Japan Kathy and Lynn Mitchell and Walt and Irene Bailey visit Tokyo.

07.01.18 – Travel, Wish You Were Here


Germany A river cruise from Amsterdam to Switzerland includes a stop at Cologne Cathedral for a group photo. From …

07.01.18 – Travel, Wish You Were Here

Marlene Young

Alaska Marlene Young poses with Frederick Magazine at Hubbard Glacier.

07.01.18 – Travel, Wish You Were Here

Owen, Sonja, Lexi & Jim Stewart

Estonia The Stewart family—from left, Owen, Sonja, Lexi and Jim—stop in the Old Town Tallinn during a recent trip …

07.01.18 – Travel, Wish You Were Here


France Three generations of the same family take in Mont-Saint-Michel during an eight-day trip to Normandy with Hood College …

05.01.18 – Travel, Wish You Were Here

Loretta Newton and Siena Tauraso

Peru Loretta Newton and her granddaughter, Siena Tauraso, visit the ruins of the 15th-century Incan citadel Macchu Picchu.

05.01.18 – Travel, Wish You Were Here


Canada A visit to Montreal includes posing in front of one the city’s premier hotels. From left are Karlys …

05.01.18 – Travel, Wish You Were Here

Ralene and Frank Damanti

Alaska Ralene and Frank Damanti stop in Sitka during a cruise that traveled from Vancouver, British Columbia, to San …

05.01.18 – Travel, Wish You Were Here


Hawaii John and Debbie Molesworth and Michelle and Jared Goodfriend journey together to Kauai for Deb’s birthday celebration.

04.01.18 – Travel, Wish You Were Here

Darlene & Frank McKnight

Jamaica Darlene and Frank McKnight celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in style in beautiful Montego Bay.

04.01.18 – Travel, Wish You Were Here